El Temple school

Education school reform/expansion
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El Temple school

Expansion 3 lines and 3 classrooms

  • Lliurament del projecte:
  • Final d'obra:
  • Client: Departament d’Educació/GISA
  • Metratge: 1.0358m2
  • Direcció: C/Adrià Utrecht, s/n
  • Ciutat: Tortosa (Baix Ebre)
  • Pec (€x1.000): 2.006


At the site there is a two stories existing school building, a sports court and a temporary 1 storey building. The expansion is resolved by concentrating a volume of the new two-stories building street-aligned and connected to the existing building by a porch. This distribution in the plot, makes provision for the future gym in contact with the sports playground, allows the creation of a new younger children playground, while a continous perception of the free space is keeped.