Tuscan councillors visit BèRIC arquitectura school works in Catalonia

Tuscan councillors visit BèRIC arquitectura school works in Catalonia

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We received the visit of technical and councilors from different towns in Tuscany interested in lightweight construction of school buildings, accompanied by staff of the Studio di engineering Civil Engineering & Associates and the company Pan Urania, usually collaborating on BèRIC arquitectura.
We develop a work program with visits to a sample of schools recently projected by BèRIC arquitectura, where we also attended the responsibility of the Department of Education of the Generalitat of Catalonia and Infrastructure Management SA (GISA). We supplement the main program with the assistance a paper co-Colloquium on Regional Council of Baix Llobregat on political, economic and social territory by Mrs. Rosa Boladeras, President of the Council. We also visited the Casa Batlló and Parc Güell, in addition as a cultural tour. 

During explorations of schools (primary Francisco Mata Sant Llorenç d'Hortons, CEIP Can Coll Torrellles de Llobregat, Sol-Solet nursery school El Masnou, CEIP Teià El Cim and The Pinetons Ripollet CEIP), the visitors to express their satisfaction for the success that those responsible for local administration centers were exempted, and buy the quality of construction, the contemporary image of buildings, interior and exterior finishings, as well as the innovative constructive solutions unique contribution. Specifically designed for school buildings, had a great interest the previous integration of closures into complete façade pieces, either doors with non-fingering system both indoors and outdoors, solutions that have been developed jointly by BèRIC arquitectura, and the Italian companies Pan Urania and Serrall.
In the statement by Ms. Rosa Boladerasen Regional Council of Baix Llobregat were very interested in the institutional organization of Catalonia and handled as economic resources and social territory. The Mayor of Barberino Val d'Elsa, Mr. MAURIZIO Semplici, underlined the scale of proximity to the County Council represents the citizens of commonwealth services to several municipalities.

The CEIP Els Pinetons Ripollet an explanation was made by Grace deCarles elprojecte on specific educational center, the organization of extracurricular activities and use of facilities outside school hours.

I n many of the centers and the Regional Council of Baix Llobregat was an exchange of mind in which our guests received documentation for information about schools, Baix Llobregat, Catalonia. The various schools and administrations responsible for receiving high-quality publication on the Italian municipalities, the Tuscan local art and Giuseppe Calonaci, artist of Tuscany.

In times of recess each day,at  Can Rafel hotel, at Pla de la Garsa and Julian's restaurants, there were exchanges of views and commitments were established to strengthen ties of future collaborations between assitents organizations and companies. As an immediate consequence of the will expressed at the meeting, Jordi Canyelles, chief architect of BèRIC arquitectura will visit different Italian municipalities and companies collaborating on upcoming dates to discuss any areas of mutual interest of future collaborations.


Comune di Barberino Val d'Elsa: Mr.. Maurizio Semplici-mayor (mayor) - Mr. Loris-geometer Agresti (architect) - Mr. Marco Benavati-geometer.
Comune di COLLE DI VAL D'ELSA: Mr.. Claudio Mori Architect-Mr. Francesco Ciampoli-geometer, Mr. Alberto Rabazzi - Responsibility servizi demographics.
Comune di Poggibonsi: Mr.. Dario Ceccherini advise alle Politiche e-ay system, Mr. Giampiero Signorini e-all'ambiente to advise territorio e alla Manutenzione valorizzazione Heritage.
Comune di San Gimignano; Ms. Sabrina Bernanati-all'ambiente advice.
ENGINEERING Civil STUDIO: Mr.. Domenico Barucci-Ingegnere, Mrs. Camilla Barucci.
PAN URANIA SPA: Mr.. Fabio Targa Mrs. Lorella Targa, Mrs. Laura Belfiori.
BèRIC arquitectura: Mr.. Jordi Canyelles Torrents architect and director, Mr. Moreno Hinarejos architect, Ms.. Alicia Recio-architect, Mr. Xavier Alberola-architect, Ms.. Marta Berdejo-technical architects, Mrs. Natalia Hernandez-PFC architecture student, Ms.. Sonia Pons-secretary, Mrs. Rosa M ª Domènech-administration.

Generalitat de Catalunya, Department of Education: Mrs. Assistant Director-General Nuria Ivern school construction, Ms.. Marga-Pablo Monitoring Project, Mr. Joaquim Ramos-service programs.
CEIP Francisco Mata: Sra. Mercedes Garcia, director.
CEIP CAN COLL: Ms. Dolores Farrés, Director
Nursery School SOL alone. Mrs. Dolores Oliveras, director.
CEIP EL CIM: Mr.. Manuel Gallego, director.
CEIP Els Pinetons: Mr.. Carlos Gracia, director.
BAIX LLOBREGAT REGIONAL COUNCIL : Ms.. Rosa Boladeras Martínez, President.
CITY OF RIPOLLET. Mr. Parralejo Juan mayor.
CITY Torrelles de Llobregat
GISA: Mr.. Xavier Espona, Mrs. Graciela Prieto.